Location and surroundings


Surroundings: The Sternplatz, where the Sternplatz-Hotel is located, is just about 200m away from the city center. By many seen as the most beautiful place in Ehingen, there is everything you can wish for around the square: 6 diversified bars, 4 restaurants, 3 cafés, 1 super market, a beauty salon and even 2 medical practices are situated within a distance of 200m. Equally, you reach the starting point of the “Bierkulturweg” (Beer hiking Trail, 15km, 4 breweries, 10 bars and restaurants) after a 4 minute walk.

Under the Bierkultur-Motel, there is Patrik´s Beer Academy, offering about 50 different beer types to its guests.

Location: Located between Ulm and Stuttgart within the Swabian Alps, the Bierkulturstadt (Beer Culture City) Ehingen is the perfect basis for multi-day, diverse trips – here are some excursion destinations which might be to your liking.

Bierkultur-Wanderweg (Beer hiking Trail, 0,2 km)
Golf Course Rißtissen (7 km)
Hiking on the Swabian Alps (10 km)
City of Ulm (25 km)
Thermal Bath Jordanbad (32 km)
Outlet-City Metzingen (46 km)
City of Stuttgart (79 km)
Bodensee (89 km)